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Respecting plant earth is one of our core values. Being growers in the past, and working with growers nowadays, we know how important it is to take care of the soil one works, making sure it will be fertile year after year.

FL.C strives to work with growers who have the same values, Ziv Rozelman is one of them. In his search for solutions to cope with daily challenges, he found an environment friendly method to keep his area clean and fertile. We invited to read more about it in the following post.

"Being a farmer in the 21st century makes you realize that you have to get back to your roots and respect plant earth. It is not only for the sake of the business; it is for our future" Says Ziv Rozelman of Rozleman Flower farm.

Rozelman Flower Farm was established in 1969 by Ziv's parents, just one year before he was born. It started as a carnation farm alongside a dairy farming, which was closed after 10 year and allowed the family to concentrate on growing flowers only.

"My mother was a real entrepreneur, she's was constantly looking for new products" Say Ziv, "She was the first to bring to Israel: Phlox, Kangaroo Paw and Aster. Since then this is our way of managing the farm, having an assortment of products thus spreading risks."

After Ziv finished his army service, he returned to the farm, back then the farm had 1.5 hectares of flowers. Working around the clock to develop the business, Ziv decided to distribute the sales of flowers not only to the Dutch auction but also to the local market and to direct orders with Israeli exporters, this is when the business relation with FLC – Flowers with care started.

Nowadays the farm has 10 hectares growing Lisianthus, Veronica, Craspedia, Scabiosa, Sandersonia, Gladiola, Ranunculus, Anemone and Lilly.

"One of the challenges farmers encounter is dealing with pesticides and fungicides. Years ago, the use of chemicals was not as regulated as it is now. Growing flowers was relatively easy, if you had to deal with pesticides all you need to do was to spray and use chemicals." Says Ziv , "Today when all of us want to make sure we keep plant earth safe, we want to use chemicals as little as possible, and maybe one day not to use them at all. We realized that we have to find a solution when coming to control our fields clean from herbs, pesticides and other things harming the yields. About a year ago, one of my long-term bulb suppliers told me he saw a special steaming machine in Vietnam and Malesia. I needed no more than that info and went around the world to see this amazing machine in action. Seeing it in action made me realize that this might be the solution to the constant fight with pesticides."

Ziv imported the machine almost a year ago, after an investment of about 250K Euro and the results are amazing. In Rozelman flower farm there is hardly any used of chemicals. Just to compare, in the previous year the farm was using 15,000 litters of Metam Sodium and 2.5 ton of Condor to sterilize the soil – this year NONE was used.

"The use of chemicals in Rozelman Farm has decreased dramatically", Ziv says, "The quality of the flowers has improved, flowers are heavier, colors are better, yields are higher. It is amazing to see our fields, to know that we can have such a quality and keep plant earth safe. As growers it is our mission to take care of our earth, to make sure we respect the fields we work, so we can enjoy it produce in the future".

The flowers grown in Rozelman Farm are available through FLC – Flowers with care, for more information contact us at :

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