FLC presents: Meet the face behind the flower - Patkin Farm

Not everybody knows but FLC was estabilsed to export the family farm produce in a quick and efficient way. The farm was closed but FLC continued and has become one of the leading export companies in Israel.

What makes us different from others is that we are not only dealing with the logistic side of exporting fresh cut flowers and herbs, we are connected to the growers, as we were growers in the past ourselves.

The love for the land, the strong connection between a grower and its produce is something in our DNA. This is way FLC's motto is Flowers with care – because we care, we care for the flowers, we care for the growers and we care for our customers.

As we believe the triangle of Grower-Exporter-Customer needs to be holistic we wanted to take you behind the scenes and get you acquainted with our growers.

Let's start by meeting Uri Patkin, from Patkin Farm.

"There is a sense of exhilaration and creativity in the agricultural life" says Uri Patkin, owner of Patkin Farm. Uri is a 2nd generation of flower growers, together with his wife Galit they manage top of the line farm that produce mainly Lisianthus, alongside Limonium & Peonies and various crops according to the market trends.

Patkin farm was established in 1980 and the whole family is involved in its operation, from Uri and Galit, to Uri's mom who gives a hand when needed and even the children are a part of it.

In Patkin Farm the focus is on growing double Lisianthus varieties, flowers are available from November to June, in a well-balanced mix of 12 different colors: White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, TT Blue, Purple, Lavender, Misty Blue, Champaign, TT Pink, Apricot, Yellow and Green.

In order to answer the market needs, plantings are done from Mid-August to Mid-October in different plots of the farm thus ensuring a continuous supply throughout the season.

The farm sells its flowers to the local market is Israel and exports to different locations around the world; to Europe, USA, Canada & East Asia.

Meticulous sorting of the flowers together with strict QA inspection enables the farm to have premium quality production. Lisianthus flowers are being packed according to the customers request. Not only in different lengths of 60, 70 & 80 cm but also according to different packing requests – whether it’s a mixed color box or single color, in any size of box, the operation team of the farm can accommodate any request.

"I was born in this farm and grew here as a child, after graduating from university with a BA in agricultural economy and an MBA degree, I started to work in the economic department at Intel, Jerusalem." Say Uri, " It took me several years to realize that what I really want to do is to be in an open environment, to be close to nature, I love the land, the crops I grow, I couldn't be so far from it all. So, 15 years ago I came back and took the farm management to my hands.

I start my morning touring the different flower plots, checking the watering and fertilization systems and only then I go into the office to take care of the logistics operations, leaving the work in the field to our professional workers."

Galit, Uri's wife joined the farm 3 years ago, after being a CFO in the high-tech industry, and together they work to maintain the top quality and establish the farm position as a strategic one in the Israeli and global market.

The farm is located in the Negev area, and is characterized by a semi desert climate. Dry climate, with moderate temperatures and high radiation level all year long, is a great advantage. These conditions allow the farm to have less humid related flower diseases which directly contributes to the flowers longer vase life.

"What makes the farm special is the fact that it is always on growing learning curve". Says Uri, "We host other farmers, agricultural guides, researchers that come and conduct trials here. We love to learn – it is who we are; this is why we are always on top of things and on the edge of technology. We trial new varieties on a regular basis, we are in touch with leading breeders and nurseries, we make sure we are always up to date – with the best assortment we can offer the market".

The flowers grown in Patkin Farm are available through FLC – Flowers with care, for more information contact us at :

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