FLC presents: Meet the face behind the flower - Dvir Farm

The connection to the land is part of FLC's DNA. Being owner of a flower farm in the past enables us not only to understand the daily life of a farm owner, but also to sense the real bond between farmer and soil.

We choose the work with flower farms that are enthusiastic and dedicated to farm work, this is the base to long term connection.

As we are in December, days before Christmas, a holiday the brings family and people together, we wanted to introduce you Dvir Farm. A special farm in the middle of Israel, there is being operated by three generation, so here it is meet Rotem Dvir from Dvir Farm.

"The family touch is what makes our farm special" says Rotem Dvir, of Dvir Farm.

Dvir Farm was established 90 years ago, Rotem's grandfather started with a nursery specializing in propagating unique citrus varieties. After a while they moved to grow vegetables and 40 years ago the farm started to grow only flowers.

20 hectares of Phlox, Craspedia, Tweedia, Viburnum, Ginsetra, Green Trick, Eucalyptus & Helleborus. A versified farm that offers a wide range of top-quality flowers.

"Working with my family is a great privilege, we each have its own position", say Rotem. "My brother is the work manager, a man that is connected to the earth we work. My father is packing the flowers at night and I'm responsible of the agrotechnical sides and marketing.

The farm is located in Lev Hasharon, in the center of Israel. The area is characterized with a mild climate. A mild winter and humid and not too hot summer, prefect for flowers which enjoy the conditions.

In the last 10 years growing was moved from the open fields to greenhouse and net houses, and in the last two years to growing in isolated beds.

Growing in isolated beds has a great impact on the quality of flowers. The flowers are uniform, continuous flowers, no botrytis, it is incomparable to the quality of flowers grown in soil.

The farm's vision is the be a diversified and innovative business – in products as in markets it works with and to have a continuous supply of high-quality niche products. "We believe in trust and fairness, making sure our customers know that we care." Says Rotem. "When we receive orders in hours which are after the workers working hours, we will go to the fields, pick the flowers, sort, pack and ship by ourselves – just to make sure the customer will get what he needs. No is not an option only when we don't have flowers."

Rotem holds to 2 academic degrees: B.Sc. in agricultural economy and a MA in business, after working for two years in the high-tech industry, he realized that what he loves best is being out in the fresh air, to see the fields, to try new crops, find new markets, being productive. "The ability to combine family life and work it what make is so special", Says Rotem. "The children are coming to help when needed, seeing my father work, who will soon celebrate his 79 birthday, fills me with pride and joy. In my dreams I will do the same, with my children around me in the family farm".

The flowers grown in Dvir Farm are available through FLC – Flowers with care, for more information contact us at :

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