About us

FL.C is a family-run company and a leading exporter of high-quality cut flowers and foliage, fresh herbs, exotic fruits and vegetables.

The family's venture into agriculture began over 40 years ago with the establishment of the family farm.  In 1998, in order to be able to better answer market demands and to export the farm's produce quickly and efficiently, FL.C was established. Soon after, FL.C expanded and became what it is today - one of the leading fresh produce exporters in Israel, that exports flowers, foliage, fresh herbs, vegetables and exotic fruits Worldwide, earning a well-deserved reputation for professionalism and exceptional customer service as a provider of top-quality products.


FL.C stands for "Flowers with Care", a motto that describes the way we run our company – from the top-quality growers we work with, to the close and personal touch in every shipment and the full attention to every costumer around the world. We are proud to be certified by Global G.A.P and SEDEX, and ensure that our growers work according to the same standards.

Our background as farmers, our training as agronomists, our years of experience and our professional team enable us to provide our growers guidance and supportive environment, to introduce them new and innovative crops and varieties and make sure that those which they already grow are of the best quality. This reciprocal relationship, results in a daily supply of top-quality, fresh produce, that answers each of our customer’s specifications.

Our broad and in-depth understanding of the market, coupled with a commitment to strict quality control procedures ensure that our customers receive only the best flowers and greens that Israel can offer, and according to the costumers' specifications - flower opening stages, packing and box size etc.


FL.C is not only about flowers, it also has a global fresh herbs division, that includes an impressive range of premium fresh herbs as well as exotic fruits and vegetables.  Our herbs, vegetables and exotic fruits are originating from Israel as well as from other areas around the world, in order to make sure the best quality is maintained. In Israel, FL.C have is proud to hold an organic exporter licensee and work with high quality organic growers, who supply FL.C top of the line produce.

We are proud of our exceptional customer service, and guarantee a professional approach with a personal touch. We are available 24/7 and a dedicated account manager is appointed to each customer in order to guarantee that orders are processed within 48 hours and that the customer will be able to make changes 24 hours prior to the delivery.

Our "Just in Time" logistics system has been developed and perfected down to the smallest details. We do not carry stock and all orders to our growers are processed only after receiving customer orders and guaranteeing the delivery of only fresh products. Packaging is handled by FL.C staff in our own packing warehouse, which is located at the Ben Gurion international airport. This process ensures that everything we pack undergoes strict inspection by our quality assurance staff which allows us to cater to the specific packaging requests of our customers. All products are received just hours before take-off, ensuring a minimum time span between harvest and delivery.


Do not hesitate to contact us to enquire how FL.C can help you meet your requirements for the finest cut flowers, foliage, fresh herbs, exotic fruits and vegetables.